Leadership Sustaining American Values

The Executive Council (TEC) is devoted to defending true American values and supporting initiatives that improve the lives of the citizens of Houston and Harris County. A diverse group of small business owners, professionals and corporate executives, this organization has become recognized as a powerful force for supporting causes that benefit citizens in all economic and social circumstances.

A secondary initiative of TEC is to develop strong independency among the membership that results in mutually advantageous business relationships. The opportunity to know and trust those you engage to serve your business creates a significant value, .both from a business as well as a personal perspective.. Members can serve both formally and informally as mentors to assist each other in improving the quality of their businesses and to share best practices where applicable.

Because knowledge is the key for action, TEC meetings bring speakers from a wide range of experiences, agendas and ideologies around which the membership can become emgaged and ultimately a source of support. and/or endorsement. Significant political, economic or social issues may require the formation of internal committees to determine the action needed to enhance and initiative’s success.

By Norman J. York

For Upcoming Events

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are on the
2nd and 4th Tuesdays
of the month
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Lakeside Country Club
100 Wilcrest Dr.
Houston, Texas 77042

Message from the Vice President: The Agenda

Remember the last time you went to a meeting and nothing was accomplished? Worse yet, an individual or group attempted to take over and run the meeting?

Holding a meeting without an agenda is an invitation to disputes, disengagement and a general waste of time for all parties. Of all the undertakings that corporations and groups utilize on a frequent basis is the “meeting” and most meetings fail to produce their desired outcome.